Angry, alone, fearful, and anxious are just several of the feelings expressed by individuals seeking some sort of medical attention. Our team is quite aware of this reality when seeking to make a positive change in the industry. Positivity and reassurance are one of the preliminary medications necessary for a successful long-term strategy. When it comes to cardiac surgery, our hospital offers dramatic boosts to service in order to deliver the highest quality care. How else would blood utilization at our facilities drop from 42% in 2016 to less than 10% this year? Operations that provide insight and analysis on a patient’s wellbeing are crucial to not only maintaining the service but improving it to newfound standards.

The medical practitioners located in Gainesville serve as patient advocates in order to fully understand and correct any issues along the path to full recovery. By reaching individually outlined goals for each patient, our average performance can reach much higher thresholds, as seen with blood utilization. Countless preoperative tests are taken that make the postoperative portion of the operation equally reassuring to the staff and patient. From these tests, we are able to guarantee the proper course of action as well as any risks that may arise during the procedure.

Apart from revamping the daily operations that provide a multi-faceted analysis of every patient that comes in the door, the Florida Heart & Lung Institute now holds a monthly conference in order to review and discuss problematic cases and the correlating areas of opportunity. Enhanced communication is quite literally vital in the healthcare field, so it’s not surprising that it can provide greater results than just those seen during the operation. With such a proactive approach to treatment, the various stress and anxiety that a patient runs into is also accounted for, allowing high quality and compassionate care to come out of every visit. Although surgery is one of the last steps that an at-risk patient wishes to take, our staff is ready to pinpoint the problem area in order to provide an easy and efficient recovery. With stress being one of the larger risk factors when it comes to heart problems, it’s no surprise that our staff treats every patient with the utmost care and attention when seeking to provide healthcare.

“Everyone from the Florida Heart and Lung Institute is incredible. Courteous, friendly - so appreciative of the positive experience I had!! Thank you to everyone!!”

– Patient, Age 65