How can Florida Heart & Lung doctors adopt a newly renovated surgical procedure that originates in 1923? By combining our services, collaborative networking, surgery and some anesthesia, we did just that in the beginning of 2018. Instead of offering continued medical management to patients that suffer from Mitral Regurgitation, qualified patients can now opt for the MitraClip procedure in order to correct issues found in any of the heart’s four valves.

If you are deemed high risk when it comes to the state of one of your mitral valves, then MitraClip may be an ideal solution. As the name implies, a clip is attached to the problematic heart valve, providing nearly instant relief to the patient. This operation, which takes as little as two hours and has the patient discharged in no more than two days, shows the level of progress that takes place in our hospital and the medical field as a whole. In the past, some of our candidates were unfortunately denied mitral valve correction, which paved the way for the rapid adoption of these new technologies. This percutaneous approach to heart surgery provides outstanding and instantaneous results to improper blood flow in the heart.

 MitraClip highlights the percutaneous approach that many types of minimally invasive surgeries have taken. By operating through the skin, there is minimal exposure and risk to surrounding areas that typically give rise to adverse reactions. The heart is one of the most cherished organs of the human body, calling for the utmost regard throughout the development of these groundbreaking procedures. The Gainesville community is fortunate to have access to such treatments readily available in order to provide equally reliable customer satisfaction.

“Simply the best service I have received across the country. No other provider I have used in my 60 years (including 24 years of military service) comes close. I have extensive experience to compare this to and the team has simply been outstanding. The greatest possible telling assessment I can give is to say, if my son or wife ever needed service, I would want them to be cared for by this team.”

- Patient – Age 70