It’s a commonly held belief that home is where the heart is. The staff at the Florida Heart & Lung Institute takes both of these cherished belongings seriously when it comes to the local community. Over the weekend, 15 of the dedicated staff of FHLI partnered with Habitat For Humanity to provide the labor vital to adequately housing people in Alachua County. Safe and affordable housing is the name of the game, and certain times take certain efforts to make something become a reality.

To give you a brief summary, Habitat For Humanity is an organization with the collective mission of putting God’s love into action by bringing people together to help build housing and shelter for those around us in need. The advocacy does not lie in any particular faith, but in the widespread affordable housing and the assistance to get it in the hands of hardworking citizens. Habitat’s new homeowners are set up to provide 200 hours of service into the home that they end up living in, as well as 200 hours into another home. Pictured below, we provided assistance in framing of an 1100sq. ft. project dedicated to a local community member.

Just like in the operating room, our doctors help build the framework that brings people the ability to live their best lives. Apart from constructing new houses, Habitat helps out at every level of the home acquisition process. If the area has been visited by a natural disaster, Habitat seeks to mend the damage done by unfavorable weather patterns, as well as provide innovative solutions to financing the mortgages.

Although the team from North Florida Regional Medical Center volunteered as part of a group, there is just about no limit to how any one person can contribute. With operations in all 50 states and another 70 countries, Habitat is a global organization. Ideally, each one of these countries will ultimately develop a decent place for its people to live. Their service area is Alachua County, which includes the cities of Alachua, Archer, Gainesville, Hawthorne, High Springs, Micanopy, Waldo, and all rural areas within the County limits. Apart from the 135+ houses built in the county, this branch has helped in the construction of more than 100 houses in Nepal and Columbia. For detailed information on any segment of their operations or how to get involved, feel free to visit Habitat for Humanity. Gainesville’s HFH branch can be reached at Alachua Habitat for Humanity.